Tehos installation – Suspensions immersives – Sept 2010


Kinetic art does not intend to represent an object
It aims to convey to you the visual image of an experience that is something different from the object itself.
It is an event in our consciousness and our consciousness attributes to each event
A different existence in space and time.
Naum Gabo (1890 – 1977)
Member of the Russian constructivist movement, was one of the pioneers of this art form.


Suspensions Immersives is an art project presented for the first time in a Private Museum in September 2010.

The exhibition was first conceived by Tehos in Second Life, a virtual world in three dimensions then translated into reality.

For this exhibition Tehos sign a film wich is a full digital art work, broadcast repeatedly on wide screen with panels of four modules of two meters by two meters each.

Short trailer of the movie :


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