Painting From Tehos Hot Pepper Soup 100*100 cm

Painting From Tehos Hot Pepper Soup 100*100 cm

Painting from Tehos – Hot Pepper Soup, issued from the exhibition American Dream –

Little text from the Fri2day article by Melodie Michel :
The idea for the American Dream exhibition came to him a year ago when he saw an advertisement for burgers right next to an article about the harmful effects of the Iraq war. The contrast between the “Burgers are good for you” slogan and the suffering of American soldiers prompted him to look into the paradoxes of a country whose global image has been tarnished. In the exhibition, he explores the contrasts and evolution of American society. With pictures of commercial products such as a bottle of ketchup or a can of diet coke, Tehos intentionally refers to pop-art, one of the symbols of America’s consumer society: “My exhibition is a post pop-art reflection.” In an attempt to represent the end of the American economic supremacy, the artist used newspaper cuttings that he pounced, scraped and collaged to give the impression of worn-out posters.


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