Painting From Tehos American Dream 49

Painting From Tehos – American DReam 49

American dream 49 - Painting From Tehos
American dream 49 – Painting From Tehos

FRY2DAY article by Melodie Michel for Tehos Exhibition in Feb 2011

tehos exhibition


From February 18th to March 31st, local painter Tehos exhibits his most recent artwork, centred around the theme of the American Dream, at La Menuiserie. Born in 1966 in Monaco, Tehos held his first exhibition, a series of paintings representing mysterious faces on a blue background, at the age of twenty. But after that, he chose a more conventional path and worked in business for over twenty years, leaving aside his desire to make art.

However, in his forties, his will to be an artist became overwhelming and he not only quit his job, but also withdrew from society and lived as a recluse in order to let his artistic inspirations express themselves freely. During this prolific time, he learned to master splashing techniques and produced 500 artworks, most of which have been sold today.

Tehos, who has now gained recognition as a prominent contemporary artist, thinks of his pieces as an invitation to introspection, and explains that he gets his inspiration from his own dreams: “They express what I can’t articulate with words.” His vibrant artwork is characterized by deep colours and the use of splashing, but he recently extended it to digital technologies and videos. In 2010, he started exploring new journalistic themes as well as different techniques such as collage: “It was a time when I didn’t have much money so I started working on cheap material like torn paper, and with paper came words and sentences.”

The idea for the American Dream exhibition came to him a year ago when he saw an advertisement for burgers right next to an article about the harmful effects of the Iraq war. The contrast between the “Burgers are good for you” slogan and the suffering of American soldiers prompted him to look into the paradoxes of a country whose global image has been tarnished. In the exhibition, he explores the contrasts and evolution of American society. With pictures of commercial products such as a bottle of ketchup or a can of diet coke, Tehos intentionally refers to pop-art, one of the symbols of America’s consumer society: “My exhibition is a post pop-art reflection.” In an attempt to represent the end of the American economic supremacy, the artist used newspaper cuttings that he pounced, scraped and collaged to give the impression of worn-out posters.

Among his upcoming events, Tehos will have exhibitions in Canada and the Czech Republic, and he is now working on different themes and techniques, in particular digital art and 3D: “I like complex media like these because they allow a lot of freedom, but at the same time it is a challenge to transcribe them into reality.”

Despite working all around the world, Tehos insists on spending a lot of time on the Riviera, a region he is particularly fond of: “When you travel a little, you realise it’s very rare to find a place as beautiful and culturally vibrant as the Côte d’Azur.”



Why did you choose art to express yourself?
This is a natural way to express my thoughts and my feelings. The field is wider (I think) with speech, limited by the words, certain emotions have difficulty beings transcribed language, it’s easier for me with pictures, with a mink.

Since when do you paint?
Since forever, but it is 40 years since I decided to stop everything and devote myself fully, I did not want to risk getting to the end of my life telling me that I had missed some something important.
This is a difficult decision because it is no possible return, a risk that I had to take.

What are your inspirations in your directions and painting in your art in general?
I had initially and intuitively the need to express something inside, what we find in my work until 2007, then the news has taken precedence, I wanted to talk about what I saw around me. this is particularly what is transcribed in the exhibition American dream, and the work that followed this period.

Why did you choose to treat the subject with paper, and why did you close the pop art?
I discovered the usefulness of the paper as a work of art in 2007 at some point I was no longer able to finance my colors, so I first used newspapers to make my paintings. There was also a form of recycling that was not uninteresting. The success was immediate.
Pop art on the orientation, it is not quite the case, I would say it is rather a post pop art, he had something to do with current events exacerbated by economic problems our time. I thought the pop art was the best way to allude to it, while destroying it, as something antiquated, it’s a bit wanting mean the end of an era, Pop art is used here, ripped, sanded, it is a trend of a bygone period.
Can know but above all to read newspaper articles in each painting, it is them who give meaning to the work, I was sometimes accused of redoing the same painting, in fact there is an aesthetic envelope, flashy, but the message is revealed by reading newspaper articles inserted in each painting, at this moment the work takes on another dimension. Ben and others artists have understood very well when they came to the exhibition American dream,

You also worked on digital works and why this approach works kinetics ?
The first time I was actually confronted with digital art,  was at an event organized in 2009 by artist Patrick Moya in Nice at MUSEAAV, it was a demonstration in duplex with second life, the vidjing (video mixing ), and music, I was immediately seduced by the impact of this work.
I then began to study and familiarize myself second life more generally to digital art, I discovered that I could use it as a medium, and as inspiration for a new direction of my work. you can see some video that i have done in second life here :

After a few months I created the Immersive suspensions, as I explained several times in several countries. This is a digital film, and images from the film.
Meanwhile, several studies have been made by working from a mix of paintings and digital works.
Over time I became interested in 3D tools more sophisticated goods that second life, this is how projects are born of kinetic sculptures of trees, which won the Jury Prize IAA UNESCO in December 2011, and Bubbles in the vortex. These new mediums (this is for me to mediums as well as painting) are a very inspiring and open fields of action yet unequaled for the artist and art in general.

What is important in your work?
What is important is certainly to express something, to convey an emotion, but no matter how to put it, provided it is sincere.



Visual artist and abstract painter born in 1966, Tehos explores techniques and materials for several years before expanding his work to digital art, video, and sculptures.
He realized between 2005 and 2012 more than 2500 paintings shipped worldwide,
and fastly become known in the French and european arts market where he regularly exhibits his work.
In 2008 he began a series of paintings based on torn paper, collages, and explore different themes and trends in journalism, fact-based articles, which he transcribed on his canvases.
Tehos start to experiment  Second Life and 3d software in 2009, and set up a laboratory where he create digital artworks, which he then transformed into real art.
He exhibit with many famous artist, and won the price of the Jury in the Aiap Unesco Exhibition in december 2011 in Monaco for his art work «Les arbres cinetiques».

1966 : Year of birth
1990 : Exhibition Cafe Sud inside the Museum of Modern Art Nice
1992 : Exhibition Cafe Sud inside the museum
of modern art Nice (France)
2006 : Listed on Drouot listing of artists
2007 : Referenced in the Larousse Dictionary of Painters
2007 : Admission in the IAA – UNESCO in December 2007
2008 : Artistic Encounters Exhibition Auditorium Rainier III
of Monaco Japan14 to 16 March 2008 in Monaco
2008 : Francis Poulenc Prize in March 2008 issued by the Committee
of Honour artistic encounters Japan Monaco
2008 : Exhibition Villa La Tour Nice Cimiez October 2008
2009 : Artistic Exhibition Auditorium Rainier III
of Monaco Japan March 2009 in Monaco
2009 : Freedom Art Prize awarded by the Honorary Committee
of the Third Monaco Japan artistic meeting
Monaco – March 2009
2009 : Exhibition MUSEAAV From 11 to 24 September 2009
2009 : 9th Night Gallery Nice – MUSEAAV September 26, 2009
2010 : Exhibition Pirats – Second Life January 19 to February 19, 2010
2010 : International Artistic meeting Japan Monaco
at the Rainier III Auditorium in March 2010 in Monaco
2010 : Renaissance Prize , awarded by the Honorary Committee
of the Fourth MeetingArtistic Japan Monaco – March 2010
2010 : International Exhibition
«Through The Virtual Looking Glass 2010» Pirats
MUSEAAV – Caerleon – Carp – April 2010
2010 : Exhibition Bunker Art Gallery June 2010
Second Life – Bourbon Pirats Island.
2010 : Exhibition Suspensions Immersives
September 2010 MUSEAAV Nice
2010 : Film Production «Suspension Immersives»
2010 : Exhibition Coke en Stock – October 2010 La Menuiserie Nice
2010 : Exhibition AIAP-UNESCO «Tout bouge autour de nous»
December 2010
2011 : Exhibition American Dream – February 2011 La Menuiserie Nice
2011 : International Artistic meeting Japan Monaco
at the Rainier III Auditorium in March 2011 in Monaco
2011 : Magmart Fest; Italy
2011 : Art Monaco 2011 – Grimaldi Forum – Monaco
2011 : auction sell «Two Children Play» (ink and acrylic on paper)
Mtre Cornette de St Cyr at the auction managed
by le Museaav for the Japanese desaster
2011 : auction sell «Jeune femme au Kimono»
(ink and acrylic on paper) Mtre Palloc
at the auction managed by Hierro Desvilles art Gallery
for the Japanese desaster
2011 : Galerie Joel Guyot Saint Paul de Vence
2011 : Automn Fair Geneva 11 au 20 November 2011
Joel Guyot Art Gallery
2011 : Exhibition 2011 – Aiap Unesco – Monaco
du 2 au 18 Decembre  winner of 1st Price of the Jury
for the movie «Les Arbres Cinetiques»
2012 : Exhibition Tube Gallery – Pirats – Second Life- January 2012
2012 : Exhibition – Nice To Meet You – Motus Art Gallery
2012 : International Artistic meeting Monaco- Japan
at the Rainier III Auditorium in March 2012 in Monaco
2012 : Exhibition Poisson D’art- Galerie Joel Guyot – March – April 2012
2012 : Art Monaco 2012 – Grimaldi Forum Monaco
5 to 9 of April 2012
2012 : Exhibition Cover the Rimbow – Motus Art Gallery